Autumn is here and so is the start of the new school year!

Calendars are important companions of our daily lives. In fact, it is becoming more important to learn managing daily and work tasks, how to prioritize them, but also dedicate time for hobbies and relaxation!

In the past few years, the online calendars became a necessity due to easy access from multiple devices, scheduling and adjusting plans on the go and sync the most important events with family and friends!

My First Calendar is a custom designed tool for pre-school and school kids that can assist in daily activities as a visual diary not just a common calendar with notifications. This fully customizable app allows you to create full school schedule and hobbies in a form of a text, audio or visual content – such as a drawing, photo or a video made directly in the app or uploaded from your device!

As a start of the school year we wish to share joy of learning by giving app FOR FREE to the fastest 100 subscribers to our newsletter! Act fast and share the link to subscriptions with friends and family members ❤

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