MiTale and EUCYCLE Project

Many of you already know how much effort MiTale team puts in having diverse and inclusive work environment, as well as projects we work on that adhere our values. Sustainability and environmentally friendly solutions are a great passion for us, and besides implementing sustainable solutions in our own practices, we have also took an active part in projects and initiatives across Europe to work deeper in these matters. One of the projects we are particularly fond of is “Upcycling Europe – Sharing good practices on Circular Economy” through European Partnership project for the past couple of years. The goal of the project, handily abbreviated as EUCYCLE, is to promote exchange of good practices related to circular economy through the organization of a training course, public events of dissemination and eBooks. 

The project provided us with insight into a variety of topics related to circular economy and interesting discussions with people from around Europe. Now the project is reaching its end and fruits of the project team’s labour are available for you to explore. The EUCYCLE website has two eBooks, one focuses on the best practices shared in the project and the other on different training methodologies related to the circular economy.

You can find the eBooks and read more about the project on the website here.

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