Interview with one of MiTale’s founders, Mikko Lainio

We want to introduce you to Mikko Lainio, one of the co-founders of MiTale, a full-stack programmer with huge passion for game design. Besides hard-core programming, Mikko’s talents are in writing, pixel graphics, music and project management. Today Mikko will share about his background, career path, interests and much more. What drew you to becomeContinue reading “Interview with one of MiTale’s founders, Mikko Lainio”

Behind the Scenes – How We Manage Developing Multiple Projects Simultaneously

As an independent studio, our sustainability relies on developing both B2B and B2C games and engaging gamified solutions, which means we have always more than one project in development. This is not necessarily recommended practice by many industry advisors, investors, or publishers, and we would definitely not recommend diving into developing multiple projects if teamContinue reading “Behind the Scenes – How We Manage Developing Multiple Projects Simultaneously”