Interview with MiTale’s Lead Developer – Aapo Peltola

Our team is an incredible mix of multitalented individuals, but the absolute star among our diverse talents is our Lead Developer – Aapo Peltola. In this short interview, we wish to give Aapo an opportunity  to tell his story and what made him pursue a career in games, becoming one of the tech-creative-wizards at MiTale.Continue reading “Interview with MiTale’s Lead Developer – Aapo Peltola”

Some thoughts on recruitment and selection processes

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of the recruitment and selection process done by HR, is usually the many selection cycles and interviews as well as the psychological or problem solving tests that the candidate has to go through. Afterwards, they often end up waiting for feedback for several weeks, unsure ofContinue reading “Some thoughts on recruitment and selection processes”