Webinars – A powerful educational tool for employees around the world

When it comes to remote training, presenting business strategies, new product lines or arranging a live Q&A session with your CEO, then a webinar could be your first choice. Webinars are increasingly becoming the tool of choice for corporate training: they can be pre-recorded or live, can be watched on demand, and a significant numberContinue reading “Webinars – A powerful educational tool for employees around the world”

Viking Glory – Visualization and VR experience

Viking Line is a pioneer in the development of sustainable passenger ships of the future. Their mission is to offer the most memorable cruising experiences on the most sustainable, energy-efficient, and climate-smart vessels in the Baltic sea. A significant milestone in this mission has been reached as the construction of Viking Line’s newest vessel, VikingContinue reading “Viking Glory – Visualization and VR experience”