The gamification in edu-, social- and health care sectors in Finland is growing discipline. MiTale project offers an opportunity to create a new business branch to the intersection of the game industry, especially serious games industry, well-being and healthcare industry.  The combination of applied research results of gamification in the healthcare sector leads to innovative product offerings and new, practical guidance and research information for Finnish serious games professionals’ utilization to a wider target group.

The MiTale consortium is unique in social context as it combines highly relevant  edu- /therapy/engineering  efforts with industrial cases developing born-global, scalable solutions. The results of our products offer a great opportunity for the social- and healthcare operators to expand their offerings, serve their customers better and compete on the tightening markets. The novelty lies in using Finnish know-how from gaming industry, international business strategies and speech therapy expertise for creating a completely new form of collaborative environment where therapists can adjust the application(s) parameters to the perfect fit of each individual client.

In our long-term plans, we aim for creating various mobile applications that can serve therapy clients for their own needs in everyday situations through through our technology solution, e.g. speech therapy applications available with augmented reality, AI assistance, neural network systems and wearable technologies. The developed commercialization plans will be tested during the project development.  This business ecosystem between industrial partners that is built during the project development will ensure immediate sustainability of the project results.

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